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The Dream Within
The story is based on the events which are going on around us, but we've ignored them. The truths about the power of human's soul and its abilities, which politicians have restrained us from knowing them.only a few people know about this feature and teach it to others, the governments of the world are secretly trying to suppress those who are capable of these abilities. Signs of volcanic eruption and earthquake are seen everywhere.But what caused these incidents? The story of "The Dream Within" does not just end there. This book narrates the story of 3 girls at 3 different parts of the world, one in East Asia, one in Northern Europe and another in the Mediterranean Sea.The narration of 3 girls who are from the same parents, but get separated throughout centuries ...All three have a power inside , but they are unwittingly involved with it ...what brings them back together after centuries?reincarnation?
The Novel: "War, Love, Smile"
A one-hour "War"
A 32-year old "Love"
And a momentary "Smile".
The description of a momentary smile takes longer than the love and war before it.
The novel describes a 32-year old "love" that was nothing but a mistake from the beginning.
Because of this love "a war" breaks out and everyone encountering it at that time wonders whether anyone has survived!
No one will figure out until the last line of the novel that which of the characters are still alive!
This novel includes several characters who describe the events around them in the first person; events that do not come to an end unless someone meets death…
A thrilling and unpredictable narration… of fake loves… and fake smiles…



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